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Are you and informiQ a good match?

Updated: Jan 3

So you’re thinking about becoming a consultant, and you have your eyes on informiQ? Or maybe your company needs our expertise? In that case you might be wondering what makes us different from other consultancy companies in regards to what we look for in our consultants, what we can offer our consultants, and what we can offer our customers. Well, let us spill the beans for you to see if you and informiQ are a good match.

informiQ is looking for:

All variants of technical writing skills, of course, also in the broader sense including information architecture, document management, and documentation needs analysis.

We are also interested in skills in communication, digital marketing, project management, agile practices, product management, processes and quality, configuration management, UX research, UX design, usability, visualization, and learning.

Ingela, Victoria, and Todd are great examples of competencies that go outside of technical documentation.

informiQ employees are welcomed into a company culture that:

  • Welcomes and embraces diversity. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or who you love, we believe you should be you. If you share our values, you are welcome here.

  • Encourages internal support of each other, both professionally and personally, and where we have an interest in our colleagues and view each other as friends.

  • Regularly have team building activities to widen our perspectives in different ways.

How can you become one of us?

We don’t have any form that you can fill in and present your interest in informiQ. Instead, we work mostly with recommendations from current employees. Another way to make yourself known is to contact us and pitch yourself:

informiQ’s offer to our customers:

Since we hire people with a diverse portfolio, that is also what we can offer to our customers. If you hire an informiQ consultant, you will in most cases get a multi-artist with a broad knowledge base as well as more than one specialization.

Our advice to you: If you’re interested in informiQ either as an employee or as a customer, check out our homepage and see who we are and what our consultancy agency can offer. Don’t be a stranger, we would love to hear from you!

Text & images: Karin Askeroth


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