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What do we look for in new consultants?

Written by: Josefin Löfstedt (CEO), Agneta Eriksson (Business developer/Co-pilot), Mikael Leveau (Site manager Linköping)

Selling competence is our business. We’re really good at that, and the competence we sell is sought-after and appreciated by our customers. Our consultants are both highly competent and really great people to be around - we are very proud of that and strive to keep this level of excellence.

So what do we look for when it's time to hire new consultants?

What we look for in potential new consultants

  • Relevant competence

  • A will to work as a consultant as well as an understanding of what it entails

  • An overall good personality that goes along with our values

Most of informiQ peeking up behind a grey stone wall, with a grey cloudy background.
16 out of our total of 26 people who make up informiQ. Photo: Mikael Leveau

Soft skills vs hard skills

Our business is selling competence, that is just a fact. Therefore, our consultant’s competence matters a lot since every customer looks for competence to match their needs.

That said, soft skills are also very important. For example the ability to communicate, to understand someone else’s point of view, to problem-solve, as well as to collaborate with other people are necessary traits of being a successful consultant.

Also - potential matters. Most of our consultants are senior, that means they have solid experience in a variety of professional areas. However, we sometimes hire people with less experience but lots of potential.

Consultant mindset

There is not one description of what working as a consultant is like. But an important common factor is the ability to step in and be a professional asset, and always leave the situation better than before you came. Having an outsider’s view often helps us improve things where a company can be stuck in a rut.

Being an overall great person always helps build on your good reputation which in turn can open up new assignment possibilities.

Our diversity and inclusion statement from  You are welcome here! We welcome and embrace diversity. No matter who you are,  where you're from, or who you love, we believe you should be you.  If you share our values, you are welcome here!
Our Diversity & Inclusion statement. Source:

Values and culture

We believe that our values are an important part of what makes informiQ a great employer. We don’t discriminate, everyone has the same rights, possibilities, and obligations, gender equality is a natural part of any activities and relationships. Also - everyone is given the same possibilities for leadership, competence development, and pay based on contribution, and we have a company culture that promotes the needs and possibilities for all employees. 

The informiQ culture is warm and welcoming, we care about each other and really like each other. We want all our consultants to feel the same way about being informiQ employees.

In short, we’re interested in competent professionals who are all-around good people who share our values and also want to be part of and contribute to our warm community.

Our advice to you: As a consultant, you will get the opportunity to try on different assignments and companies. You will constantly grow, regardless if you stay with one customer or go from assignment to assignment. We want to encourage your professional and personal development by listening to what is important to you, so that we can work proactively to find new customers and assignments as you grow with us.


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