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What we can do for you

We offer highly experienced consultants with a world class level of service. Our mission is to help customers become learning organizations so that they can improve their workflow. We want knowledge and information to be a natural part of the organizational culture, removing silo mentalities. By offering the right information through the right channels with excellent quality, we want to improve the agility of our customers.

Content is the common denominator in all our services. No matter if the content is used in, e.g. product information, communication, or learning materials, we can help you create the structure needed.

informiQ services

Technical- & Digital communication

Improving your communication is often a key factor for your company becoming more efficient. By using technical communication we make sure that the specific users get the information they need, when needed, whether this is about completing tasks, using products or operating equipment. We help you communicate by using different digital or printed media such as web pages, files, social media and paper. We also help you to define your needs and requirements on your documentation, processes and tools, and if needed, optimize this to better fulfill your needs.

We have highly experienced management consultants that will help your company with all different aspects of a product and project related assignment. They will make sure that the team will meet their goals and support the rest of the organization to deliver as planned.

Project- & Product management

Information architecture is about organizing, structuring and labeling different content to make it easy to use and understand. To be able to do this in an effective way we need to find out how different pieces fit together to form the bigger picture. Besides this, we can help you document information and content in a clear, concise, and precise way.

Information architecture & Documentation tool expertise
UX design, UX research & Visualization

User experience is key when it comes to satisfying customers and creating good products. We help you discover what your users need, and to create concepts and designs that fit your specification. We can also help you with user testing and visualization of information to ensure the highest usability.

Does this sound interesting? Don't hesitate to read more and to contact us!

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