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Patrik Lindvall

Technical Communicator

"With his passionate commitment, humor and high technical competence, Patrik delivers results with excellence."

Patrik is focused, solves tasks in an efficient way and his dedication is evident in everything he does. He is passionate about his work and has clarity and pedagogic approach to manual work is excellent. Patrick sees opportunities, has a strong work ethic and is always there for you one hundred percent. He is self-motivated, works efficiently and has great technical understanding. Give Patrik an assignment and the job will be done with masterful results.

Patrik's ambition is very high; he will not give up until the problem is solved and he always meets his deadlines. He is logical, comes up with effective solutions and can, in an inspiring manner, describe a complex process in a simplified style. Patrik is accurate, cheerful, honest, and always wants to do the right thing. He has the ability to combine seriousness with humor and invigorate the atmosphere. Patrick listens, is confident in himself and helps others when they are stuck in their work.

The abstract above is based on the anonymous responses of colleagues and customers.
The answers were analysed by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation AB. ✉

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