Maribel Cruz Wolters

Technical Writer

“Is not so often you find a professional colleague like Maribel. She stands out for her dedication and responsibility. She is definitively the kind of person I would like to work with in future assignments. She is very social and easy to talk to too. She earns my most frank recommendation. ”

Maribel is great to work with, she brings a good vibe to the team and is able to keep the spirit up even in tense situations. She is also a great communicator and a curious mind that prefers to dig deeper in order to improve, this constant drive makes her an ever more useful colleague.

I have worked with Maribel for almost a year on an assignment in Sony Mobile Communications where she handled a Service Desk Agent role, and I can say only positive words about her both as a colleague and as a worker. She showed to be a real team member, very open and communicative as well as effective in her role. She delivered all the information on time, communicated whatever needed towards team members and had an open and honest dialog towards the management. I would definitely recommend Maribel and would like to work with her again.

The abstract above is based upon anonymous responses from managers, colleagues and customers.