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Ingela Persson

Product Owner

"With her global customer services experience, Ingela adds significant value within Knowledge Management; she's smart and can truly bring order out of chaos."

Ingela is clearly committed in her projects and acts professionally. She shows clear engagement, especially in areas with potential for improvement, where she brings creativity, out of the box thinking and constructive ideas. She always delivers according to expectations and beyond in a calm and effective way.

Ingela has strong organizational and analytical skills and brings order out of chaos. She is passionate about planning and organizing; she is loyal and easy to cooperate with. She always gives 100% to deliver and can really get things done. With several years of experience, from working in international and multicultural teams, she adds value and focus on Knowledge Management. She is supportive and treats everybody with great respect, always bringing a positive attitude to inspire the team to reach common goals.

The abstract above is based upon the responses from colleagues and customers in February 2022. The answers have been analyzed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery - *

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