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Sofie Hedin

Sofie Hedin

Project Manager & Technical Communicator

"Sofie has a drive that inspires high-performing teams, and she strives to exceed customers’ expectations through her high-quality deliveries."

- Per Frykman AB, professional reputation experts

Sofie is one hundred per cent dedicated to her projects both as a consultant and a project manager. Thanks to her calmness and responsiveness, she listens and asks relevant questions to understand clients' needs and what action to take to create the best possible outcomes. She strives for the highest quality standards and wants to exceed her client's expectations. Sofie is often given demanding tasks knowing that the client will be happy with the result, and she builds trustworthy collaborations.

Sofie is an experienced, genuine and reliable consultant who masters multiple areas in her work. She acts professionally and seeks challenges in her projects. With a high level of ambition, she has great drive and inspires high performing teams growing an excellent working atmosphere. She is productive, has positive energy and is pleasant to work with. Sofie takes on new assignments with an open mind and curiosity, and she will always do everything to succeed in the best possible way.

The abstract above is based on the anonymous responses of colleagues and customers.
The answers were analysed by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation AB. ✉

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