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Niklas Bergner

Niklas Bergner

Graphic Designer/ Technical Writer

"With strong media production skills that stand out, Niklas delivers above expectations and is the motivating team player you want in a team."

Niklas shows clear commitment in his work and is often the one both driving to start and finish a project. He uses his creativity and wealth of ideas to understand all parts of the assignment, and often has been the one saving projects delayed by technical difficulties. Niklas is very goal-oriented and does everything to solve his tasks in the best way possible, no matter what it takes to deliver on time, and his work behind the scenes is also reflected in the results.

Niklas is extremely motivational in his approach; asking important questions, pinpointing problems and communicating these in a positive manner. He creates a sense of security with his calmness and inclusive manner, which also goes hand in hand with his curiosity for people. Niklas genuinely cares about others. With his focus on results and positive personality, he is someone you really want in a team. Niklas has strong media production skills that stand out and he often delivers above and beyond expectations.

The summary is based on anonymous responses from colleagues and clients in January 20223
analysed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery™ - ✉

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