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Mari-Ann Gripmark

Mari-Ann Gripmark

Technical Information & Learning Specialist

"With a strong drive, the ability to ask the right questions and great technical understanding, Mari-Ann delivers a high-quality product."

- Per Frykman AB, professional reputation experts

Mari-Ann has a strong drive, and with her excellent technical understanding, she captures all the information needed, she discusses with the developers and quickly grasps what’s new. Her dedication, thoroughness, and commitment are present all the way to delivering a product resulting in very high-quality standards. Mari-Ann is easy to collaborate with; she challenges technicians to dare to remove things by seeing it from the customer’s perspective, adapting the level.

Mari-Ann is a bright and confident consultant who is talented in clarifying and communicating sophisticated techniques. With her high level of ambition, she brings forward creative ideas and suggestions and takes on full responsibility for the results. She truly wants to understand the assignment asking the right questions to the right people. Mari-Ann inspires by daring to be herself and contributes to a better structure in the processes building common work procedures around them.

The abstract above is based on the anonymous responses of colleagues and customers.
The answers were analysed by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation AB. ✉

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