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Jan Lindgren

Jan Lindgren

Information Management Specialist

"Jan is a dedicated problem solver of great caliber who thinks creatively and brings a fresh perspective to every challenge. He offers insightful and well-considered advice at a high level and consistently delivers top-quality results."

Jan is dedicated, which is evident when he can be creative and solve complex problems. He is
extremely competent and wise and you can always expect nuanced and well-though-out advice
from him at a very high level. Jan always goes the extra mile in challenging situations and he
supports his colleagues' challenges on several levels and has a commitment to deliver the highest quality. He asks the crucial questions and dares to try new paths instead of getting stuck in old solutions.

Jan is very loyal, driven and thorough and always goes above and beyond to satisfy the
customer. With his broad experience, he effectively immerses himself with the company's
processes and culture and Jan can think outside the box like few others. He is a responsible
and incredibly talented problem solver who is known to deliver the best and collaborating with
him lifts everyone. Jan makes the workday both more enjoyable and interesting, he drives the
business forward and is genuinely curious about people.

The summary is based on anonymous responses from colleagues and clients in January 2023
analysed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery™ - ✉

In addition to his role as consultant for informiQ, he is also our dedicated Team Lead for the Stockholm crew.

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