Justin Koenig

Digital Channels Manager

"With his genuine dedication and excellent communication skills Justin steps up to the challenge of doing the best job possible"

- Per Frykman AB, professional reputation experts

Justin is genuinely dedicated to the tasks at hand, most obvious when they need to be solved with a tight deadline. When problems need urgent solutions Justin is the first to come up with ideas how to fix them. Justin is extremely adaptable and can quickly change focus with his willingness to take on new challenges and increased responsibilities to do the best job possible. He has a great sense of humor, learns fast and expresses himself clearly both verbally and in his writing.

Justin has a broad experience, is versatile, respectful and his ”let’s do this attitude” brings out the best in people. He is an excellent communicator, has an endless energy level and is almost always available. Justin understands his client’s needs, is smart, efficient, thorough and innovative - he wants to make everything a little bit simpler to make work more effective. Even in difficult situations, Justin manages to inspire his team mates with his constructive, ethical and positive attitude.

The abstract above is based on the anonymous responses of colleagues and customers.
The answers were analysed by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation AB. ✉