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Christine Svedjemo

Digital Marketing Consultant

"Christine is a dedicated communicator and digital storyteller who generates curiosity and captivates her audience with engaging content. She is a social butterfly who, with her assertiveness and drive, takes the initiative and quickly understands the customers needs."

Christine is a highly skilled communicator who is extremely dedicated to her projects. She is a
social butterfly who fits into all possible constellations, being both inclusive and easy to collaborate with.
With her assertiveness and drive, she takes initiative, quickly understands the customer's
needs and desires and produces creative texts and content that generate real curiosity.
Challenges do not stand in her way, she sees both the important details and the big picture and
always delivers with the highest quality.

Christine combines her extensive expertise with her curiosity for both technology and people,
sees new opportunities and can work across a wide range of areas. She is a creative doer with
many ideas and has a strong drive to make things happen. Christine is a highly
skilled digital storyteller with international experience which gives her both perspective and
strength. She always takes responsibility by asking questions in order to understand
and execute her assignments in the best possible way.

The summary is based on anonymous responses from colleagues and clients in April 2023
analysed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery™ - ✉

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