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Ann Sandin

Technical Communicator

"With her positive manner, technical knowledge and strong ambition, Ann makes every effort to reach the goal without sacrificing quality."

- Per Frykman AB, professional reputation experts

Ann is passionate about her work and always does her utmost to meet time and quality goals. She has a strong technical knowledge and likes to work with realistic objectives. Ann is ambitious, thorough and goes the extra mile to deliver on time. She handles any changed conditions, keeps things together and is often one step ahead. Ann is happy, has a sense of order and is very good at coordinating and seeing the big picture. She delivers with quality and is easy to work with.

Ann has an ability to quickly learn new things, work independently and lives up to expectations. She is social, reliable and aims to be well prepared to meet the customers’ needs in the best way. If problems are piling up in projects, Ann inspires with her ​​positive attitude and gets the others motivated. She is a great asset in the group with her flexibility, mind for technology and curiosity to learn more.

The abstract above is based on the anonymous responses of colleagues and customers.
The answers were analysed by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation AB. ✉

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