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Karolina Tidemand

Karolina Tidemand

Document Engineer

"With her technical curiosity, Karolina asks the crucial questions, is extremely good at managing information and proudly delivers above expectations."

Karolina always shows a high level of commitment, especially in situations that require imagination and creativity. When collaborating with others on development requests, she quickly understands new tasks and asks important and relevant questions in order to meet deadlines, with the highest possible quality. Karolina has a powerful drive, constantly striving to deliver more than the customer expects, and also be proud of her own accomplishments.

Karolina is highly competent with her excellent way of managing information and finding effective ways forward. She acts professionally and is pleasant to work with. With her technical curiosity, she finds solutions to complex problems and is both well-organised and thorough. She combines her drive with humility, always takes great responsibility and creates a sense of security during the work process. In addition, Karolina has a welcoming attitude and is very helpful to her colleagues and clients.

The summary is based on anonymous responses from colleagues and clients in March 20223
analysed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery™ - ✉

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