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Jeanette Grankvist

Jeanette Grankvist

Document Controller

"Jeanette is an innovative team player and unpretentious leader who delivers with the highest quality, exceeds customer expectations and genuinely cares about others."

Jeanette is driven, enthusiastic and has a passion for ensuring client satisfaction whilst maintaining a good balance with the limitations of the project. With her dedication and helpfulness, she contributes significantly to finding the best possible solutions that enable the team’s positive development. In addition, Jeanette is an innovative and unpretentious leader with high social skills as well as being welcoming and inclusive.

Jeanette shows a strong desire to get the job done and delivers high quality in a way that truly exceeds customer expectations. With her meticulous and structured approach, she ensures smooth interaction in the organization, enabling the mission to be accomplished in the best possible way. She finds joy in improving the existing and making meaningful changes whilst daring to explore new methods and ways of thinking. Jeanette is loyal and straightforward, and above all shows genuine care for other people.

The summary is based on anonymous responses from colleagues and clients in June 2023 analysed by Per Frykman - Founder of Reputation Mastery™

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